Jan. 16th, 2010

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Jailbreak - Galen/Mara

Starkiller-- Galen-- (he was still having trouble with the whole name thing) had learned lot of things in the months since he and Mara had first been put together by the Emperor. He was pretty sure that 90% of the things she had taught him were not on Palpatine's list of things that Darth Vader's former apprentice was supposed to have picked up from the Emperor's Hand, unless the old Sith had been counting on an attraction forming between the two of them. It wasn't a thought Galen entertained willingly, but it wasn't a plot he would have put past the twisted old man. In any case, something Mara Jade had taught him that would have met with Imperial approval was the idea that maximum collateral property damage was not always the best plan in every circumstance.

It was that conviction that eventually resulted in their current predicament. What should have been routine maintenance on Mara's ship had become a dangerous proposition, as the necessary parts were only to be found on planets along major trade routes, destinations that the two fugitives had been avoiding as much as possible. But since the ship was their means of staying away from the Imperial agents who were almost certainly out to kill them, there really wasn't a choice. Malastare, despite its location, was not a particularly impressive or important planet, making it the best choice. Unfortunately, it only took one too-diligent dock officer to call for backup before either Galen or Mara could mind trick him and the presence of too many civilians to make a violent escape viable to ruin a day.

And so it was that the overweight and underpaid commanding officer of the local Imperial garrison casually threw them into what the man was sure were inescapable holding cells. Together.

Galen dropped onto a hard metal bench. "This is almost embarrassing."

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