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Apr. 9th, 2009 01:53 pm
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Puffing out a breath, Galen dragged his sleeve across the perspiration on his forehead. He swallowed, throat a little dry, and it finally occurred to him just how thirsty he was. But he couldn't allow himself to reward his body's needs like that, not in the middle of training. That was how he had been taught, session after session and year after year under Vader's tutelage. Granted, the Sith Lord that he had served had turned out to be using his Secret Apprentice as little more than a hunting dog meant to flush out Vader's prey, but it had made him a skilled and powerful Force user.

Now, Galen meant to see if he could do the same.

Focusing his mind, he felt the crackling internal warmth of the Dark Side pushing back his fatigue. Galen thumbed the control on one of the training lightsabers he had constructed and watched as the bright red blade came to life with a familiar snap-hiss sound.

He turned to face toward the center of the training ring. There wasn't a lot of room for one in the ship's cargo hold, but it would do. R'alla was an entertaining and luxurious planet, but after a few days without contact with the Emperor, Galen had gotten restless. Training was his idea. He knew that Mara Jade had power in the Force that the Emperor had never even hinted to her about. She deserved to be able to use it.

Galen looked intently at the woman who, for the moment, was his trainee and not his lover, waiting for her to ignite the red blade of her own training weapon. "You ready?"

Not waiting for the answer, Galen lunged forward to strike.
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