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Ten Things You Don't Understand

1. Why I betrayed Darth Vader for the Rebellion.
2. Why I betrayed the Rebellion for the Emperor.
3. Why I tried to betray the Emperor and kill him.
4. Why the Emperor didn't just kill me then.
5. Why the Emperor didn't just kill me after my last failure.
6. Why Mara wants to be equals now.
7. Why Mara doesn't think she can learn Sith powers.
8. Why I can't cast Force lightning with my artificial arm.
9. Why Mara doesn't use the power she does have over me more often.
10. What my vision of the future really means.
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Ten Injuries You've Had

1. Fought Rahm Kota - burns to legs and feet from space station re-entry
2. Fought Kazdan Paratus - electrical burns on arms
3. Fought Shaak Ti - ribs broken by Sarlaac tentacles
4. Attacked by Darth Vader - impaled by lightsaber, slammed against starship bulkheads
5. Thrown out of a Star Destroyer by Darth Vader - vacuum exposure, hypothermia
6. Fought Maris Brood - lightsaber slash to midsection
7. Force-pulled a Star Destroyer - exhaustion
8. Thrown off a cliff by Darth Vader - concussion
9. Attacked by Emperor Palpatine - Force lightning burns and cuts from glass on back
10. Partially crushed under the wreck of my old starship - right arm and right leg replaced


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